Well, today was a weird day.. I of course didn't do much of anything.. I did the laundry and went for a walk. When Patrick came home we ate dinner, then my stomach was bugging me so I passed out for a few hours.. and now I'm up and can't sleep ! Ugh...

Anyhow.. Naomi got her report card today.. the last one for the school year.. and I was pleasantly surprised.. She got above average on her homework completion and participation .. Wow.... it's great to know that all my hard work helping her this last quarter went to come good. 
It's been really hard helping her get back on track with school.. esp. since her mom doesn't seem to keep up with it .. It really bugs me that she wanted me to take over with her and help her with her attitude and school .. and yet doesn't seem to want to follow my rules with her when i'm not around. Her bedtime is 7:30 pm on school nights.. and no tv.. yet she allows her to have tv at bedtime.. which i've been trying so hard to get her out of ..and then sometimes she doesn't have her in bed or even home for that matter intil way after that.. 

I made the rules for a reason.. and then she doesn't follow them.. Naomi of course knows that.. and takes advantage of that. She'll come in and tell me, my mom said i can have tv when i go to bed.. sorta like rubbing it in that she got her own way... and I feel like I can't really say anything about it . .because that is her mom.. not me. .  But it makes me proud that Naomi is doing better in school.. at least for that quarter. Starting the new school year, she'll be in 5th grade.. and i'm determined not to let her fall behind. Laurie <her mom> had a meeting with Naomi's teacher today.. which i of course wasn't invited to.. which also bugged me.. but again.. i'm not her mom.. though i'm told to act like it .. Anyhow.. her teacher told Laurie that Naomi would be in some homeschool classes next year.. she's reading at a grade 2 level .. which we knew already..and her math is crappy .. the homeschool classes just mean that she will be in smaller class sizes during the morning in school.. and that will help her make sure she is doing everything she can .. and then in the afternoon she will be in regular classes..which i think is great.. Naomi can really use the help with that... and being organized. Not forgetting homework and stuff like that..

So that's it on that one for now. 
I got an email from Maria the other day .. and she's finally getting married.. to some douchebag that her whole family doesn't like .. which is odd... and then i find out that she is selling her house to her brother.. the house she built from scratch.. I wrote her back,and told her i didn't like the idea.. and basically that i think she is being stupid about the whole thing .. but she's not responded back to that.. which is no shock. 

I'm really happy that she's found someone finally . ... but at what expense? What happens if that doesn't end up working out ?? She's turned her back on her family .. and she's got nowhere to go.. :( .. it's sad to think of it that way.. but that's a reality in life... If things don't work out for me in my marriage and one day i have to go back home, i'm keeping my citizenship in the US... and i'm going to just be a resident in Canada... It's not that i'm anticipating a problem by any means.. i'm just covering myself. Patrick doesn't seem to understand that fact.. he thinks its like a bad omen on the marriage.. but i think its just me being practical. 

That's one of the biggest things with us. .. I'm really practical and he isn't.. I want to save money for our future and he wants to spend it. lol.. 
I can't wait til I am allowed to start working here. .it'll be a year in July since i've been here and since i' ve  worked.. and i'm getting to be a fat, lazy bastard. lol.. i really miss working . but most of all i miss having my own money.. being here in this situation has been a really humbling experience.  I think its just what i needed to get my priorities in order. Money doesn't grow on trees... and I have a chance to start over... and i'm not going to fuck it up .. I want to get a house... a newer car.. stuff like that.. and i'm eager to get the ball rolling on saving. 

Anyhow .. i guess i should get some sleep . .its almost 3:30 am .. and i have to get up and clean the bathroom, do some dishes... and get my walk on...i also need to get some babysitting flyers out and around , so that maybe i'll have some money comming in this summer, if not, its going to be a really shitty summer here..

Night all !!